The Dr Khosi Ngema Foundation is a Not for Profit Foundation, incorporated as a Section 21, Not For Profit Company in terms of the Companies Act of the Republic South Africa (No 71 of 2008). The Foundation was founded in 2016 by Dr Khosi Ngema in order to formalize and institutionalize the work that Dr Khosi Ngema was already doing in the field of development, alleviation of poverty and provision of support to the vulnerable and marginalized groups in South African society.

Background of the organization

Dr Khosi Ngema has been supporting a number of young people to access education through providing
financial support for school fees and other expenses that the youth need to remain at school. Over the
years the support grew to post school support for these youths including college and university fees
and other living expenses. However, the support that Dr Khosi Ngema was providing was on the basis
of knowing the children and the youth that needed help. Though the support has helped many a child
and youth to complete school, college and university, it still was not systematic and formalized. There is
already a sizeable alumnus of Dr Ngema efforts, who have completed both school and post school

The Dr Khosi Ngema Foundation is therefore a formalization of philanthropic contributions by Dr
Ngema, that up until recently have been informal and private. 

In the second instance, Dr Khosi Ngema is an Orthodontist by profession. In her work as a health
professional she has encountered a myriad of individuals who can’t access some of the services that
she offers on the basis of high costs associated with accessing the service. She in both her previous
work as health professional in public health as well as recently as a private health professional, has
encountered a multitude that gets turned away from accessing the services by costs. Initially her
concerns were about access to the orthodontist services that she provides but as she interacted with
other health professional she realized that the problem has various manifestations and affect all the
health professions. So to respond to this Dr Khosi Ngema has developed a vision to provide specialized
health services through pro-bono means. Also registered with Social Development. NPO Nr. 208-630