June 12, 2018

Companies and endorsements



DRKN foundation has been blessed with the opportunity to partner with Special Olympics South Africa to provide specialized dentistry and services to their athletes under their smiles program. Furthermore, we have been approached to assist with education campaigns and to join their existing screening and health days so we can immediately start assisting with the athletes that need services currently. Next year the Special Olympics will be Held in Abu Dhabi and we will be supporting the event and the athletes in their road to the event and am excited to be a part of this major portfolio and the future opportunities that will arise.


The foundation is also well supported by the leaders of the NYDA for the contribution and programs we aim to achieve. The association with the Special Olympics has also opened new doors and possible portfolios for the NYDA to possibly assist and be a part of the processes to endorse special Olympic needs and requirements for projects in the future.


We are a registered NPO and have been registered and endorsed by the department of social development under the youth and youth welfare processes.



Dr Ngema is the owner of Dr MN Ngema Orthodontist Pty (LTD) for a profit company incorporated under the company laws of South Africa. The Dr Ngema Orthodontist Pty Ltd will contribute a minimum of ten percent of its annual profits to the DRKN Foundation for their tribute and support the programs running within the foundation at the time.


Dr Khosi Ngema has been nominated to join and be a brand ambassador for the Brand SA pay your way for her philanthropic and social contributions and future projects with Brand SA and LED projects.


Dr Matthew Phosa who introduced and collaborated with the Khosi Ngema foundation to help and assist with the Special Olympics and the partnership has been a great inspiration and has gracefully also help fund a portion of the smaller projects like the school bag project. Later we wish to collaborate into a sustainable project manufacturing school bags (furthering skills, education and funding opportunities) to benefit both the Special Olympic and other education and school facilities.
Leveraging Other Stakeholders’ Funding

The DRKN Foundation recognizes that supporting education and health or even advances Health care services is a priority for many other stakeholders. In Corporate Social Investments (CSI) and Other Corporate (CR) Initiatives in South Africa and across the globe these are in the top three of priority areas for funding, however the failure to acknowledge the other services and needs through the dentistry field is sometimes neglected, which is why we are excited to be able to facilitate and accommodate a completely alternative portfolio to include the disabled communities and individuals in our programs in conjunction with the Special Olympics South Africa Team.

The DRKN Foundation intends to leverage financial assistance from other stakeholders to assist with these causes whilst also giving smaller businesses or corporations the opportunity to get involved in various projects and corporate social investment. More especially supporting those who may not be able to reach the areas of great need because of distance and knowledge of the communities.
The DRKN Foundation will ground and entrench itself in areas of disadvantage. This way the DRKN foundation will be working directly with communities and community based organizations in the provinces where it operates.